About Lovo Cigars

A Family Business

Lovo Cigars was born from our family’s deep tradition and rich history of growing, nurturing, and cultivating high‐end Nicaraguan tobacco and producing handmade premium cigars. The Lovo Cigars family legacy and artistry of producing premium handmade cigars began in Northern Nicaragua in a small valley town called Pueblo Nuevo, in the famous Estelí region known around the world for its tobacco fields and factories.

Our family tended our plantation farms and harvested our tobacco crops for decades and supplied the region’s many cigar factories. The Patriarchs and Matriarchs of our family began preserving the very best tobacco leaves from our harvests to retain the flavor, aroma and robust strength sought after in each cigar they smoked; nothing more comforting than a fresh cigar. Eventually at the end of each day in the evening our family would gather together and roll cigars for one another, these were the special moments we all remember.

Among our family’s founding generation is Heriberta Lovo, who inherited priceless knowledge nearly spending her entire life surrounded by tobacco on the plantations. Heriberta showed early on she was a talented tobacco artisan. She enjoyed endlessly rolling and smoking cigars and following the same traditions that once blessed her Heriberta taught her children and grandchildren this once‐in‐a‐lifetime art.

A Growing Tradition

Egda Lovo Ramaz, inherited the art of making cigars from her grandmother Heriberta, when she was just a little girl. When Egda was sixteen years old, she started to work in prestigious cigars factories such as Placencia Cigars located in Esteli. It was here where she honed her skills and technique in the Cuban rolling tradition, she became a master roller.

Egda is a perfectionist and has studied the entire process of producing a finely crafted premium cigar. From first planting the seed, drying the tobacco leaf, preparing the filler, and eventually rolling the cigar. Egda’s love for the tobacco plant began when she worked in the shadow of her Heriberta her grandmother and her Maria her mother in small tobacco plantations owned by their family.

Maria Lovo began encouraging her family to do community work in the local plantations. Egda and her siblings were very young when they began harvesting tobacco during their free time away from school. Egda eventually began working with her older sister, Carla Lovo, at large cigar factories in the packaging area making the famous wooden cigar boxes for cigars during their high school vacations.

All this experience handed down from her Grandmother, her Mother, her Siblings, and her own experience working on plantations and in factories has been the cornerstone of knowledge for Egda’s riteful presence in this premium tobacco world.

A Legacy Multiplied

We love to be involved. We sponsor, host, and attend a wide range of charitable and social events, where Egda as a Master Roller proudly showcases her abilities of hand‐rolling cigars. She delicately molds, prepares and cuts each tobacco leaf culminating in the perfect roll of a fresh cigar. Egda has been acclaimed in major cigar magazines and has affectionately been called “ The Roller To The Stars”, after having rubbed shoulders and frequently still rolls cigars for Hollywood’s A‐List of celebrities who include Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and all of their family and pals.